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For the man in search of natural, sustainable, expertly crafted knitwear inspired by those that have come before us.

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Know your stitches

Here at Aran Woollen Mills, we’re dedicated to preserving the craftsmanship of the people that came before us. Behind every stitch is a story, showcasing the timeless tradition of Aran wool knitwear.

  • Basket


    The Lattice or Basket stitch represents the fisherman’s basket. It is an omen of a goodand plentiful catch.

  • Blackberry


    The Blackberry stitch represents nature. It is also called the Trinity stitch and it holds religious significance.

  • Cable


    The traditional Cable stitch comes in many cable variations and is said to symbolise fisherman’s ropes. This stitch is seen as a symbol of safety and good luck for fishermen while at sea.

  • Diamond


    The Diamond stitch represents the shape of the fishing mesh, and signifies wealth and success.

  • Honeycomb


    The intricate Honeycomb stitch is said to be a lucky stitch, signifying abundance and in the case of fishermen a good catch.

  • Irish Moss

    Irish Moss

    The Moss stitch is said to symbolise abundance and growth.

  • Craftmanship

    Our makers have the same eye for detail as their predecessors. Each stitch is crafted with accuracy and passion to maintain authenticity and achieve perfection.

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