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What is Pilling?


Pilling is when small, fluffy balls of wool begin to form on woollen clothing and items that are worn regularly, including rubbing or repetitive friction.


Pilling Explained…

Pilling is a natural, inevitable occurrence amongst premium wool products. There are a number of misconceptions out there about pilling and we are keen to set the record straight for our customers.

Pilling is simply a normal occurrence on a new knitted product as extra loose fibres in the premium yarn twists shed during the first wear of the garment.

Pilling is NOT a sign of poor-quality wool, but is in fact the exact opposite.

It’s actually one of the biggest myths when it comes to the quality level and durability of wool garments.

The truth is that premium yarns like our supersoft wool are often spun quite differently to their lower quality synthetic cousins, which is why pilling occurs.

In new wool garments, shorter fibres which can be found in our supersoft yarns are more likely to pill than longer fibre wool such as worsted wool.

This is because our supersoft yarn is a softer, more luxurious short staple wool fibre that must be gently twisted when spun into woollen yarn, in order to preserve soft feel and light weight.

Pilling will happen in newer premium wool garments and, over time, you will notice that pilling will occur less and less frequently.



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