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How to style our Aran Sweater

How to style our Aran Sweater

Originally worn by fishermen in the West of Ireland, the Aran Sweater has now more than ever become an iconic piece to be seen in. With celebrities such as Taylor Swift who has highlighted its ongoing appeal by wearing it to promo her new single Cardigan, or more recently the picture of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver from the film Gucci which had the internet talking about the Aran Sweater just as much as it was about Driver wearing it.

In recent years, the Aran Knit has even been recognised as one of the world’s most iconic fashion designs by the Museum of Modern Art in New York for having a profound impact on the world over the last century.

So let’s re-imagine the Cable Knit classic by adding a modern twist to become a stand out style icon on your Instagram timeline.


In complete contrast to the tactile feel of the Aran knit, wear with a piece you wouldn’t expect to such as leather or PVC. An Aran sweater paired with black leather trousers and biker boots is the ultimate style for anyone who likes a rock-chic edge to their off-duty uniform.

Whatever tone Aran sweater you’re wearing be it the natural cream colour or darker tone, keep your bottom light and vice versa. As a result, your Aran pattern and its intricate stitches will stand out even more!


Pair it with fellow iconic garments that are part of an everyday capsule wardrobe such as blue jeans or a white t-shirt. Something about its casual simplicity makes any look that you pair it with feel effortless.

The properties of wool mean you can go about your day without the worry of whatever the elements throw at you. Aran jumpers are water repellent and can absorb 30 per cent of their own weight in water before feeling wet. As well as being breathable, which helps the body maintain an ideal temperature helping protect you from excessive cold or heat. Win, Win!

Layer it up!

It’s all about layers and going back to basics with a crisp white shirt under the traditional Aran Cable-Knit. Wear with heels and you’re good to go.

While Aran Knitwear traditionally comes in cream, there are plenty of colours and styles to choose from. A trusted polo neck in a complementary or contrasting colour always works.

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