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Truly a story behind every stitch!

Truly a story behind every stitch!

Knitwear brings a uniquely constructed Textile fabric made up of individual stitches. Stitch by stitch the knit fabric is constructed and the wonderful texture and relief that can be achieved in Aran stitch patterns tell its own unique story.

Aran stitches hold within each stitch their unique history and heritage knitted together in a tradition that reveals many insights into Island life. The knitting styles and stitches symbolize the daily life of the Island people, their environment, their family units, and their religious beliefs.

The craft of knitting these Aran stitches have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations.

Rich in fishing tradition not only as a job but as a way of life, the rich history of these generations has been handed down to us all in unique covetable knitwear pieces rich in heritage and culture. The wide diaspora of the Irish people has brought the stitches to every corner of the globe.

The most common Aran stitches we all love and are familiar with evoke a nostalgic feel and hold a consistent grip on contemporary trends that remains consistent across the seasons.

The Cable stitch has been the most recognizable Aran stitch that represents the ropes of the fishing crew and symbolizes the safety and good luck for the fishermen while at sea.

The Blackberry stitch is as inviting as the fruit of the hedgerow that it is named after. It is also known as the trinity stitch and holds religious significance as the stitch is formed by working three stitches that come together.

The Honeycomb stitch symbolizes again nature and the hard-working bees and is said to bring luck and abundance of catch to the fisherman at sea.

The Diamond stitch represents the shape of the fishing nets and signifies wealth and success. It is commonly filled with the moss stitch which gets its name from the moss that grows on the stone walls and signifies abundance and growth.

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