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We’re Dreaming of a Rua Red Christmas.

We’re Dreaming of a Rua Red Christmas.

Luxurious, Lambent and Limited Edition.

At Aran Woollen Mills, winter is the season we love most. We dream of crisp morning walks through the frosty Irish landscape. We revel in sipping steaming cups of Irish coffee. We find comfort in wrapping ourselves up in our Aran Knitwear and joining our friends and family members in the festive activities.

For us, winter is a season for family, togetherness, comfort and luxury. We were so eager to find a way to celebrate this and share in the magic of winter with our customers across the world.

And so, we are delighted to launch the limited edition, Rua Red Collection.

Dearg, Rua, Red

For this beautiful collection, we went with the warming, deeply comforting, festive colour Rua Red. In Gaeilge, we have two words for red. Dearg and Rua. So why did we choose Rua?

The Irish language, much like the landscape of Ireland itself, is diverse, contradictory, colourful and poetic. ‘Dearg’ does mean red, in its simplest form. However, ‘Rua’ is used in a much more romantic way. Rua can describe the beautiful red hair of the Irish people, the hair of the wild fox and many Irish people and families have taken the word ‘Rua’ as their own, to pay homage to their red-haired relatives and ancestors. This word holds with it a special piece of Irish magic, and for us, described the deep red colour of this collection, perfectly.

Winter, Warmth, Wonder.

It was so important to us that we chose three pieces that would keep you, your head and your heart warm this winter season. For us, the Rua Collection is so much more than a festive jumper. It’s a piece that you can keep with you for years to come and many winters into your future. Each piece has been crafted with the incredibly comforting Supersoft Merino wool to allow you the luxury of comfort, style and magic this winter.

First up we have the beautiful, Tully Box Sweater. Our in-house designers have carefully created a stunning, unique pattern that brings the old, classic Aran tradition into the present with grace and style.

Secondly, we have the Finlough Hat. This unisex piece is equally practical, cosy and attractive. We absolutely love the deep turn-up that adds even more comfort and warmth on those cold winter evenings.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the Finlough Scarf. This large, expertly designed, stitched-to-perfection scarf is the perfect gift to bring warmth and thoughtfulness to your loved ones.

The rich red colour of this collection is so incredibly special, we cannot wait to see you style it.

Earth-Loving, Eco-friendly, Ethical

Something we absolutely love about this collection is its lasting quality. At Christmas, we want to give our friends and family members something they can treasure for a lifetime and enjoy long after the festive period ends. Investing in eco-friendly, 100% natural and biodegradable gifts and clothing is a sensational way to play your part in improving the world around us.

We owe the treasures of the Aran tradition to the landscape that surrounds us, and it is truly amazing to be part of the preservation of its beauty and magic.

If you’re searching for an ethically sound, useful and beautifully crafted gift that is kind to the earth, you’ve found it.

Luxurious, Lovely and Limited

We would absolutely love to tell you that our Rua Red collection will be here forever, but in the name of sustainability and responsible crafting, we will only be stocking this collection for a limited time.

However, never fear! We have plenty available at the moment and are more than happy to get yours sent out as soon as possible.

Each Rua Red piece is created with the finest wool, crafted by the most skilled hands and packaged and sent to you with as much care as we can muster.

We cannot wait to see how you style your Rua Red piece! Make sure you tag us on socials when yours finally arrives, and we want to wish you a beautiful, warm, comfortable festive season.

Ewe saw it here first! Get your Rua Red today.


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