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More to the Stitch than meets the Eye

The Aran tradition began with fishermen at the shore and it still carries the wild, mystical, enchanting power of the ocean within its symbolism today.

While some see this symbolism as typically Irish, the tradition also spans to that of all sea-faring traditions, where many men and women attached folklore and mysterious meaning to clothing, boats, weather and the sea itself!

Within the Aran Wool tradition, each stitch is said to represent different facets of the fisherman’s craft, and some are said to bring luck, good fortune and safety to the wearer.

Here at Aran Woollen Mills, we feel quite confident that you’ll feel lucky while wearing a carefully crafted, ethically made, suitably cosy piece of knitwear. But just in case you were in any doubt, we thought we’d let you in on the secrets of Aran stitch symbolism. Take a scroll below.

  • Basket Stitch

    Also known as the Lattice stitch, the Basket stitch is inspired by the fisherman’s basket, filled to the brim with fish after a successful day at sea. This beautiful stitch is said to represent a ‘good catch’ and bless the wearer with abundance and a plentiful life.

  • Diamond Stitch

    The Diamond stitch is said to represent the shape of the fishing mesh or ‘net’, used to capture and bring home an abundant catch to the family. This stitch signifies wealth and success for the wearer, so grab yourself a diamond.

  • Honeycomb Stitch

    The intricate Honeycomb stitch is said to be a lucky stitch, signifying abundance and, in the case of fishermen a good catch.

  • Cable Stitch

    The traditional Cable stitch comes in many cable variations and is said to symbolise fisherman’s ropes. This stitch is seen as a symbol of safety and good luck for fishermen while at sea.

  • Irish Moss Stitch

    The Moss stitch is said to symbolise abundance and growth. The stitch depicts carrageen moss, a type of seaweed found on the Irish coast. The seaweed is used a as a fertiliser to support a healthy harvest.

  • Blackberry Stitch

    The Blackberry stitch represents nature. It is also called the Trinity stitch and it holds religious significance.

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