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The Wonder of Wool

To create a product that preserves a timeless tradition, celebrates a bright future and feels and looks good every time, only the best will do. We pride ourselves on the yarn we use, and each one has been carefully selected with our customers in mind.

Each yarn is comforting, unique and luxurious in its own way.

Take a few moments to get to know the yarn behind the products we manufacture.

  • Supersoft Merino

    The Supersoft Merino yarn was developed by our expert team in-house at Aran Woollen Mills. Our team were dedicated to developing a yarn that felt velvety soft to the touch, warming and luxurious while staying true to the Aran tradition.

    This yarn has been balanced perfectly and has the ability to serve the wearer through all seasons.A truly elegant and luxe yarn that gives each product a comforting feel.

  • 100% Merino

    Merino wool is the perfect choice for the person in need of a wool that is durable, natural, gentle on the skin and breathable through all seasons. This yarn has the natural ability to stabilise the body temperature of the wearer, making it a wonderful choice for your wardrobe. The touch quality is much softer than regular wool, making for a comfortable wear and a great choice for everyday styling.

  • Worsted Wool

    If you’re in search of true authenticity, Worsted wool is the yarn for you. Made for adventures, the outdoors and the sea-faring among us, worsted wool is built for outerwear and will always keep you warm. Traditional Aran sweaters are derived from Worsted yarn and have kept generations of fishermen safe, warm and dry while at sea, due to the high levels of lanolin present in the wool. For the practical choice, choose Worsted.

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