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Our Manufacturing

Crafting knitwear and creating Aran knitwear that carries the weight of the past and the present is no easy feat. That is why every team member and every step of the process is so highly valued and respected.


    Every piece begins with a vision.

    Our designers work hard to strike a perfect balance between preserving the Aran tradition and crafting pieces that express originality and style.

    Thinkers, doers, innovators.

  • Programming

    Communication is key when working with Aran.

    Our designers work closely with our knitwear programmers to ensure that every fine detail has been understood and appreciated. The knitting team then knit the beautiful designs onto our state of the art knitting machines.

  • First Press

    Good things take time.

    It’s crucial that the process is never rushed, to allow for a truly perfect product. Each panel is carefully pressed with steam and cooling air and laid out, ready to be examined by a careful eye.

  • First Examine

    Taking care with every stitch.

    Our first examination team has a huge responsibility, as they make sure every panel is perfect and ready for the next step in the journey.

  • Sewing

    Helping hands that lead the way.

    Our sewing team is a collection of highly skilled crafters that use their years of experience to sew with perfection. Every moment is spent in concentration and focus.

  • Linking

    Linking tradition to the present.

    An incredible team of linkers pay careful attention and link every stitch by hand. These moments bring true character to every piece.

  • Finer Details

    Pressed and checked to perfection.

    The final press ensures that every piece is sized perfectly and that each piece is consistent in quality and comfort.

  • Final Press

    Experienced hands

    The final press is completed by our experienced team who ensure that every stitch is is correct and ready to wear.

  • Final Examine

    Once more for luck.

    The Aran Woollen Mill team avail of a lightbox to thoroughly examine every stitch. Every piece tells a story and it's our job to make it a good one.

  • Warehouse

    The journey is just beginning.

    Each piece of Aran is sent to our warehouse, where they’ll eventually be shipped across the world. The joy of knowing that our authentic Aran knitwear will be treasured globally makes every moment of this process matter.

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