Aran Woollen Mills

Our Heritage

Crafted in Ireland, inspired by tradition, made for the future.

Aran Woollen Mills is built upon three main pillars that inspire every design and final product.

-Honouring tradition and the people before us.
-Respecting our makers and their skilled craftsmanship.
-Being kind to our world and the land that sustains us.

Here at Aran Woollen Mills, we understand the beauty and importance of preserving the timeless Aran Wool tradition. We appreciate the power and magic that occurs when creative minds get a chance to reinvent a classic and we recognise our role in protecting and supporting the earth and all of its resources.

Every person that chooses Aran Woollen Mills is choosing to become a part of something much bigger, and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome you.

Take a moment to have a look around, and learn more about our heritage, the traditional Aran stitches, our sustainable practice and the people that make it all happen.

Unravel the wonder of Aran wool.

  • A Story Behind Every Stitch

    The stitches within our products are expertly crafted and beautifully designed, but do you know the stories, myths and legends behind each one? Many are said to bring good fortune and wealth to the wearer. Discover what lies behind each stitch, and you never know, it may be your lucky day.
  • Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

    Aran Woollen Mills knitwear is crafted from the land, inspired by the land and kind to the land. We’re proud of our authentic, ethical, sustainable practices and the only mark we wish to leave on the world is one of hope, warmth and kindness.

Our Mission

Bringing the natural beauty, warmth, and unique style of Aran knitwear to customers who value craftsmanship, authenticity and sustainability.

Our Mission Our Mission
  • Stitched together with History and Heritage

    • Established in 1965

      The Hughes Family got the yarn rolling, and it’s been thriving ever since. We couldn’t be more proud to carry on the tradition they knew must be honoured.

    • Made Using 100% Wool

      We believe in harnessing the natural beauty and perfect quality of the finest wool Ireland has to offer. No synthetics, just nature at its finest.

    • Formed Over Generations

      Our ethos has always been to get better as each year goes by. With generation after generation of craftsmanship and experience, we’re confident that we know exactly how to get the best from our wool.

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