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Aran Woollen Mills

The Máire Aran Cardigan

Inspired by the Woman that weaved the way

The Máire Aran Cardigan

Inspired by the Woman that weaved the way

A Story behind every Stitch

Take a moment to look through our latest collections. Every product carries with it the Aran Woollen Mills story. A story honouring our Irish landscapes, a story of treasured history and a story that reflects the past and the present

A natural journey of passion & quality.

We only use natural, sustainable, ethically sourced wool.

By appreciating that we each have a responsibility to protect, preserve and celebrate our land & sea, together, we can make a difference.

  • 100% Natural Wool - Always.

    100% Natural Wool - Always.

    We pride ourselves on only using wool of the finest quality for every product we make. We respect the industry and believe that 100% natural is essential.

  • Sustainable Materials & Process.

    Sustainable Materials & Process.

    Our products are born from the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland. Our yarn and processes are sustainable and we work hard to be kind to the earth.

  • Wear Often, <p></p>Wash Less.

    Wear Often,

    Wash Less.

    The quality of our Aran knitwear means that it stays fresher and wearable for longer. It’s incredibly versatile material that can be worn in all seasons, making it a more sustainable choice long term for your wardrobe.

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Unearth Our Story

The Aran Woollen Mills story began in 1965.

It is a story of family.
A story of tradition.
A story of Ireland.

Take some time to soak in the magic of Aran Woollen Mills.

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