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Making our mark naturally since 1965

We’re a bunch of people that feel passionate about appreciating, respecting and protecting the world around us. We have always understood that being a part of the retail manufacturing industry makes it vitally important for us to advocate for the earth and sustainable practices, and that’s why we’re so dedicated to our sustainable methods.

We feel incredibly lucky, as wool just happens to be one of the most natural fabric resources available to humankind.

Let us explain exactly why...

    • From the Land

      Wool is a natural material that’s beauty and quality has been harnessed by humans over generations. Unlike other clothing materials, we skip the harmful manufacturing process of using synthetics to create our product, and our emissions are automatically reduced.

    • Respecting the Animals

      We are dedicated to using ethical, non-harmful methods of retrieving the wool needed for our products. We respect the beautiful sheep that gift us their wonderful wool to create truly special pieces and we will never take them for granted.

    • Biodegradable

      Did you know that all of our products are biodegradable? Because we only use 100% wool in every piece, every one of our products will return to the land from which they came. (Don’t worry, it takes a while. You won't lose your sweater too quickly!)

    • Wear Often, Wash Less

      Aside from our own processes, we encourage our customers to make more sustainable choices at every possible opportunity. The breathable nature of the wool we use means every piece stays fresher for longer. We love to encourage every customer to wear their Aran more often and wash less. Let’s save some water and leave a positive mark.

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