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Aran Woollen Mills
The Little Aran Collection

The Little Aran Collection

It’s a super exciting time here at Aran Woollen Mills because we have finally crafted some magic for the kiddies in our lives. The Aran tradition may have begun with fishermen, practicality and Irish myth and legend, but there is certainly space for the wonderful little minds in our world to get involved in the enchantment of Aran. This collection has been thoughtfully created and is stitched together with childlike wonder, quality and care because that’s what every child deserves.

We thought we would take a moment to introduce the collection and explain why choosing Aran for your child’s wardrobe is a super clever idea. There really are so many incredible benefits to Aran knitwear, and this collection also just happens to be incredibly cute!

Quality Knitwear, Made to last

If your kids are anything like the kids we have in our lives, they love to explore. Splashing in puddles, exploring the outdoors and indulging in their sense of curiosity is the norm for the little people in our world. Therefore, you need their clothing to be crafted to last. Aran knitwear is designed to last a lifetime, withstand the elements and take a few tumbles. We want your child to be free to dabble in the magic of childhood without having to replace their entire wardrobe every few months, and this collection can do just that.

Made with Supersoft Merino yarn, your little piece of Aran is designed to last a lifetime and truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

A little piece of Irish Heritage

The beautiful traditional Aran stitches that are used within this collection are a piece of Irish history and heritage that we have the pleasure of preserving. It’s truly amazing to be able to share this magic with the younger generations in Ireland and beyond, and we are so proud to witness the age-old tradition of Aran knitwear furthering its reach so many years after it was first crafted. Because we use traditional methods, stay true to using 100% natural wool and carefully craft each design, your Little Aran piece can serve numerous generations within your family. Once your little one gets bigger, you can easily rehome your knitwear to the next child in need of some Aran comfort, or keep it as a super special family heirloom for the next generation of your lineage.

More than Adorable, Kind to the Earth

There’s no denying this collection is super cute and adorable. Seeing our classic designs made into perfect, tiny little masterpieces is nothing short of amazing! But as well as being stunning, beautiful and extra adorable, each piece is kind to the earth. It’s incredible to bring our children up in an eco-conscious world and to be able to educate and inform little minds about the importance of sustainability and staying clear of fast fashion trends. There is something extra special about a timeless, high-quality, magnificently designed product that also does some good in the world. With all of our wool being 100% biodegradable and every facet of our clothing carrying with it the beauty of the natural Irish landscape, this Little Aran collection celebrates the earth and protects the magic of our world.

Versatile and Cosy

For the launch of this collection, we have released the Lír Children’s Sweater and the Fianna Children’s Cardigan. Both of these pieces showcase traditional Aran stitching, including the classic Honeycomb and Cable stitch, allowing our little ones the chance to partake in the wonder of the Aran tradition. We made the decision to release both unisex pieces in the stunning classic Cream colour and Coral, as we want to keep things super simple for caregivers in search of beautiful, long-lasting, special pieces for their tiny companions. The most important thing for children is that clothing is warm, cosy and extra soft on their delicate skin, and that’s exactly how this collection has been crafted; with your little person’s well-being in mind. Each piece is crafted with our signature Supersoft Merino yarn. This yarn has been specially crafted in-house to bring the magic of Aran to you without any itchy material or discomfort. Instead, our precious little ones will experience a luxurious, soft, gentle garment that won’t irritate their sensitive skin. The Little Aran Collection considers the well-being of kiddies everywhere, and we cannot wait to hear their reviews.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this small but magical collection! The little minds in our world have so much to offer, and it’s an honour to craft high quality, special pieces to accompany them on their adventures. Make sure to tag us in your social media posts when your little fashionista has styled their Aran knitwear, and let us know what they think!

They may be little, but their minds, potential and adventures are big and bright. We’re so excited to share in that.

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