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Stitching together Ireland's strength and story

Stitching together Ireland's strength and story

With every new collection we release here at Aran Woollen Mills, there’s a sense of excitement and pride. With this collection, things aren’t any different. However, it feels like there’s something even more important in the air, as we craft a collection that celebrates Irish women, their impact and the influence they have had on our landscape, our country and our business.

The Supersoft Collection is crafted with our very own wool blend, Supersoft Merino yarn. The craftsmanship that went into creating this blend is truly sensational, with the result being a yarn that feels gentle and soothing on the skin, while still remaining authentic and in line with our Aran tradition. Wearers have shared that the feel is “luxurious”, “warming” and “undeniably comforting.” That’s exactly what we wanted to achieve and so, we thought it was time to release a collection that celebrated that innovation.

Maeve Aran Sweater

Crafting the Supersoft Merino yarn was a project that relied on strength, persistence, creativity and innovation. We wanted the process to be honoured, but in a way that also inspired the creation of pieces that reflected the landscape and our world. For so long, we have wanted to honour our founder, Máire Hughes and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The persistence, creative vision and heart and soul that was poured into our Supersoft yarn process stems from the drive, hard work and passion that Máire instilled in the Aran Woollen Mills brand from the very beginning. She has shown us the way, championed the Aran tradition and found a pathway for Aran knitwear to grow, thrive and remain a valued facet of Irish history. For that, we feel incredibly grateful and we couldn’t be more proud.


Máire Aran Cardigan

Coming Soon...Máire truly inspired every piece in the collection, however the piece we chose to name after her is the Máire Supersoft Aran Long Cardigan. We know you’ll love it just as much as we do. We hope you get a sense of Máire’s undeniable strength and passion when wearing your very own.

For our other pieces, we wanted to use powerful, strong female Irish names, to reflect the wonder and grace of Irish women that have shaped Ireland and our world for so long.

Éireann Traditional Aran Sweater in Supersoft

Our unisex piece is the Éireann Traditional Aran Supersoft Sweater. Éireann is a beautiful, female Irish name, however it is also the word for “Ireland’. We wanted this piece to be worn by both him and her, and for the wearer to get a sense of Ireland, its beauty and its undeniable warmth.

We also have the Sínead, the Saoirse and the Maeve. Names that connote ideas of queens, warriors, freedom, strength, power, resilience, creativity, nature and gentleness. Irish women are renowned for their hospitality, impact and undeniable sense of vigour and vitality. We want every piece in the Supersoft Collection to communicate this with the wearer.

Sinead Aran Cardigan

Every Aran Woollen Mills piece is special and carries with it a wealth of history, craft and careful thought. You as the wearer matter to us, and we truly hope your Aran knitwear matters deeply to you too.

We cannot wait to hear what you think once you’ve chosen your favourite Supersoft piece.

Make sure to tag us in your social posts or let us know what you think!

Saoirse Aran Supersoft Gilet

Supersoft and super important, this collection is sure to be a special one. With every piece comes a story and we look forward to hearing the stories you take from your very own piece of Aran.




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